North Captiva Island’s Beaches are Clean, Beautiful, and remain Oil Free.

Take a scenic beach tour with the above posted video. Our North Captiva beaches are clean, sandy, with warm Gulf waters to enjoy. Film Courtesy of Resort Properties Internationale LLC for more information and North Captiva property info, visit our website


2009 Fellow Home Owners Join Project Pink in U.S.A.

Cinco De Mayo on North Captiva Island, Tropic Ten on Boca Grande Island, and Hidden Beach House on North Captiva have just joined Project Pink. Read more about the beginnings of this wonderful initiative to donate vacation rental dollars to breast cancer research charities at:

Launching Project Pink 2009

Our tiny little island, North Captiva, is the starting point for what we hope to be a nationwide initiative to fight breast cancer with vacation dollars.
We just launched Project Pink, a program that will donate a portion of vacation rental incomes directly to breast cancer charities.
Project Pink coincides with Breast Cancer Awareness month in October and offers guests the opportunity to contribute to a worthy cause while enjoying vacation time. The goal is for each vacation homeowner to donate 15% of all October rental incomes to charitable organizations that are searching for “the cure.”
“This could be an enormous funding stream for breast cancer charities. Imagine if all vacation homes available for rent in October were to participate in this project and make donations. We could really make a difference!” says Wendy Muller, owner of Windswept on North Captiva Island, Florida.
Read the full article at PRweb:

Launching Project Pink…

Vacation homeowners united to donate to breast cancer charities.

Vacation homeowners united to donate to breast cancer charities.

With the help of my good friends and fellow homeowners of The Coral Reef on North Captiva Island, I am embarking on a journey to create a network of vacation homeowners united to donate portions of their October rentals each year to Breast Cancer Research. In the coming weeks and months, we hope to add more homes to our alliance and stimulate interest in a mostly undiscovered  source for charitable giving. Our vacation home on the island, Windswept, is already donating 15% of all our rentals in October 2009.

Windswept Island Vacation Home- North Captiva Island, the island in September.

Our five bedroom home on North Captiva Island is a vacation home that you have been waiting for! We have openings for weekly rentals in September and October and offer some of our best, most affordable, rates of the entire year.

North Captiva Island is an amazing place to visit in the “Fall.”  The weather is cooling off, but the tropical magic of the island is still in full swing.  Afternoon thunderstorms become such a part of the daily island rhythm that one usually finds oneself  looking forward to the great splash like a moving waterfall just waiting to shower over the island.

September is a fantastic time to see North Captiva.  The weekly rental rates on the island are at the lowest rates for the entire year and you have the island to yourself really.

An island on my mind…

Views from a rooftop lookout tower on North Captiva's Bayfront.

Views from a rooftop lookout tower on North Captiva's Bayfront.

Many people come on and off of North Captiva thinking very little of the slowly and smoothly ticking days that seem to stream by over the years. Mark and I, and of course now Miranda, have made this island our home. Our own island in the sun if you will. Guests to the island are seeing the solace, the solitude, the rest that we see available on a daily basis… their own island time. The chance to hop off the jet stream of neverending activities and distractions that life on the “mainland” offers them.

As the world becomes more well connected, it may be with the internet, the text messaging, the ipodification of every second of every day and every moment of their lives, you can suddenly see the allure and advantage of North Captiva,  if not for the beauty that the island offers, but every bit as much so for what it does not.

Many island folks over the years have cast out comments that they dislike changes to the island, do they dislike island change or just the inevitable passage of time? The changes of cultures, the evolutions of technology, are we ever really seeing an island change or does it just feel like that because it evolves so smoothly over time that we missed it happening, and thus if we don’t like it, did we just miss the boat?

Looking back now, 9 years of full-time life on this incredible island have actually flown by… life as one great adventure, an island protected from the tedious facts of life by miles of water. We have seen firsthand what a cherished community island life creates surrounded by the sea.

Rental Rebels

Renting your own property can be a tough road to take in these tough economic times. Vacationers hope to maximize their vacation dollars and still afford to treat themselves to a memorable vacation that will rejuvenate them. Travel Deals combined with unique experiences, such as island vacations, are a bit easier to market to vacation customers. Offering locations that are off the beaten path, away from the troubles of their regular lives, has never been more popular.

North Captiva Boat Ride

Out for a Sunday drive takes on a whole new meaning when you live on an island. We took  a quick ride out along North Captiva Island’s beautiful sandy coastline and the northernmost tip of the island.  You can see that it was a  great beach day for one and all with several small groups enjoying the warm summer waves of the Gulf.

North Captiva Island is outlined by 5 miles of beaches along the Gulf, and only 1/3 of the beaches are developed.  Beach houses on the island are charming and in keeping with a true sea island-style and culture.  The other 2/3 of the pristine sandy beach are part of a beach/land/wildlife refuge owned by the State of Florida.

Natural mangrove coastline curls around the bay side of North Captiva Island offering a haven to backwater fish, wildlife, and of course fishermen.  Mangrove snappers and other island favorites are resting hapily amongst the seabeds, creating a rich and varied environment in the dark waters.

After a short hop over to our next island to the north, just across the Captiva Pass, to Cayo Costa island for a bit of swimming and exploring. Most of this island is state park and miles of beaches.  There are cabins at the very northern end and a few homes dotting the bayside coast and the island’s interior.

Dolphins welcome us home as we cruise slowly into Safety Harbor.  You cannot ask for a better or more friendly reception than from this curious mommy and baby dolphin.